Physical Changes In Young Pregnancy?

Illustration of Physical Changes In Young Pregnancy?
Illustration: Physical Changes In Young Pregnancy?

At night, when I am 1 month pregnant, my face looks dull feeling like older, dark skin and increased appetite, is that normal congenital from my young pregnancy? Please info. Thanks in advance.

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Pregnancy causes changes in hormonal conditions in a woman's body that also have an influence on physical changes including changes in body skin and face. The following are changes to the skin that can occur during pregnancy:

Stretch marks appear in certain areas, especially in the breast, abdomen and waist, and thighs and buttocks
Black spots appear on the face (in some women can cause facial skin to appear darker) called melasma
The skin becomes reddish because of increased blood flow throughout the body including the face (this condition often causes the face of a pregnant woman to look brighter)
Increased facial oil production, so the face is more susceptible to acne
Varicose veins in the legs

To help deal with a face that looks dull, you can try to wash your face with mild soap for the face twice a day, use a facial moisturizer after washing your face, and make sure you use sunscreen before you leave the house in the morning and afternoon.

Appetite will usually begin to increase significantly in the third trimester of pregnancy. In the first trimester there is usually no change in appetite or even decreased appetite due to nausea and vomiting that occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy (which is called morning sickness). Some pregnant women may indeed experience increased appetite, this condition is also a normal condition, but you should always remember that your calorie needs during pregnancy do not increase 2-fold. Therefore, still limit your eating, eat nutritious foods in moderation and monitor your weight gain properly.

Consult your pregnancy condition with your obstetrician and take your pregnancy vitamins regularly every day to ensure your nutritional needs and the fetus are always met.

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