Physical Distancing

Illustration of Physical Distancing
Illustration: Physical Distancing

Do you have to keep physical distancing with your spoiled wife while pregnant Q1 doc?

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The application of physical distancing, previously known as social distancing, plays a role in breaking the chain of coronavirus infection or acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) which is the causative agent of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The term is considered more appropriate, because basically although there are restrictions on physical contact, social relations (although indirectly) should not be interrupted, and even vice versa must be strengthened in the midst of the threat of this pandemic. For example, by frequently contacting the closest people through cell phones or social media to be able to strengthen one another.

The government recommends that the application of restrictions on physical interaction between individuals is not only done outside the home, but also at home. Because historically, family has been the main hotspot for transmitting communicable diseases, including COVID-19. As a good citizen, of course the things determined by the government need to be obeyed for the common good.

This happens because family members tend to have close physical interactions with each other, especially in infectious diseases that are transmitted through the sputum of an infected patient, when the person coughs. After all, you (or I) may actually have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but because of a good immune system, it only causes minimal and non-specific symptoms, or even has no symptoms at all. However, when an asymptomatic individual comes into contact with a pregnant woman, especially if the phlegm she coughs accidentally about the pregnant woman, this can have an adverse effect on the mother and the fetus she is carrying.

Because in pregnant women, especially in the first 3 months (trimester 1), the need for nutrients is greatly increased, in order to complete the process of forming adequate body organs (early organogenesis) of the fetus it contains.

While on the other hand, SARS-CoV-2 infection is in need of complete and balanced nutrition, as building blocks in fulfilling specific immune needs (adaptive immunity) in the face of the SARS-CoV-2 cycle in the body. As for pregnant women (along with the fetus they contain) are considered as vulnerable groups to COVID-19, in addition to high-risk groups, such as the elderly, diabetics, coronary heart disease, chronic respiratory disorders (COPD), chronic kidney failure, patients with chronic kidney immune system disorders (AIDS, SCID) or those receiving long-term corticosteroid treatment (sufferers of lupus or other autoimmune diseases).

For the record, as a form of collaboration between and the Indonesian Ministry of Health in combating COVID-19, provides free self-assessment facilities for every citizen, to find out whether there is a risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, which can be accessed here.

So it's best if the application of physical distancing is done for the good of the mother and the fetus it contains. Give understanding to the wife so they can understand the situation. Instead of implementing physical distancing, give sincere attention and even more intense than before, which far exceeds the temporary or temporary physical restrictions.

Because, even though the future cannot be predicted, generally every outbreak has a pattern that is more or less 'similar', which will end after a certain period of time. The first pattern begins with a phase that might be said to be the 'initiation' phase. In this phase, the pattern of distribution is only limited to one particular area.

The next phase is the acceleration phase, where the infectious disease is spread so widely that it can cause national or even global disasters. Depending on how infectious the precipitating agent is, the severity of the acceleration phase varies between each type of outbreak. This acceleration phase does not always occur, and will reach its peak, until then continuing into periods of stagnation, or can be referred to as the 'steady' phase.

After the 'steady' phase, the next phase is the 'decline' phase of the outbreak. Usually this is marked by the increasing number of individuals recovering from illness, and for those who managed to recover, specific immunity has been formed against the causative agent of the disease. In fact, the spread group specifically with mild symptoms (or without symptoms) itself seems to have better specific immunity than other groups with more severe symptoms, so that it never reaches the acute phase of classic clinical symptoms. If the proportion of groups with specific immunity in the population increases, then despite transmission, severe cases of infection can be prevented because almost some individuals have become immune. Environmental factors also seem to have an effect on this 'decline' phase.

The patterns I mentioned earlier are actually patterns that are in line with the classic patterns of bacterial growth. But somehow, historically these patterns are also often found in the evolution of outbreaks that occurred in the past. However, in some cases of outbreaks, a limited amount of reservoir still survive permanently and at any time, if supported by environmental factors that support, can cause an outbreak again.

Hopefully the COVID-19 pandemic will soon enter the 'decline' phase, so that every member of the community can resume normal activities. But before this period ends, obey the government's recommendations regarding physical distancing, both at home and outside the home, while giving sincere and abundant attention to the wife and family at home.

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