Pimple-like Spots On The Cheeks?

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Freckles on the face can have many possible causes, including milia. These milia are formed due to the deposition of keratin that has accumulated in the oil glands and hair follicles. The spots that appear due to milia are quite small (1 to 2 mm), whitish to yellowish in color, and do not cause pain, but can cause quite a disturbing itching sensation if the amount is large enough.

Apart from milia, there can also be spots that give off a clear, dense mass that you experience due to other reasons, for example:

Acne, blackheads Miliaria (prickly heat) Xanthelasma (accumulation of cholesterol under the skin) Folliculitis (hair root infection) Contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to contact with allergens or irritants) Other skin infections, etc. irritation to the skin due to the use of lemon and honey you did before.

We recommend that you stop squeezing spots on your skin forcibly, especially using unclean hands. In addition to causing sores, it has the potential to cause the spot to become infected, making it harder to heal.

Check your complaint directly to a doctor, because confirming the cause of spots on the skin requires a direct physical examination by a doctor, so it's not enough just based on internet surfing. more invasive procedures, such as laser, dermabrasion, peeling, and so on.

Currently, it's best to avoid using skin care products that are irritating, especially without first consulting a doctor. Clean your facial skin 2 times a day using a mild cleansing soap. Also use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Avoid touching the face too often or squeezing the spots that appear on the face. Drink lots of drinking, eat nutritious foods, and stay away from stress.

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