Pimples Appear Around The Nose And White Discharge Comes Out?

want to ask, around the nose it appears pimples and it always comes out white itching, it used to be given from it a fungus medicine, if I love myself ointment mushroom what is not ‘?

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Acne is a skin condition that occurs due to blocked hair follicles on the skin, it is due to the production of oil or sebum and a mixture of dead skin cells that accumulate. Acne can occur anywhere on the body including the face, back, neck, chin, nose.

Pimples that secrete pus, usually occur in inflamed pimples and then infections. Most infections are caused by bacteria. Acne is rarely caused by fungus. Therefore the handling will be very different.

You should not use mushroom ointment without any indication. With the Meaning of treatment given with antifungal is a type of disease or skin kelutan caused by fungi. However, if the cause is not a fungus, for example, a bacterial cause, the treatment is not effective or can even make the skin condition worse.

It's best to make sure, you consult a doctor first. Because to find out the cause requires a direct examination of your nose or skin. If the fungus is suspected usually will be carried out additional checks such as skin scrapings.

If the pimples are still mild, you can try doing dorumah treatment, here are some things you can do:

Clean the face area with soap and warm water 2 times a day You can use gel on aloe vera or green tea extract Use cosmetics that are free of oil or oil free Always use sunscreen that is free of oil Use ice compresses, ice can help reduce inflammation in acne . The trick is to wrap the ice in a clean cloth, apply it to your zits, and hold for one minute. Use cucumber slices over acne prone skin or you can read more articles about: How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally

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