Pimples Appear Small And Feel Hot On The Face After Using Skincare?

Excuse me, I want to ask about my facial skin problems, before my skin was clean enough there were only a few pimples so I decided to use a skincare product * n ******** n and the results were immediately proven that my skin but now the problem is about 2 years of use my skin often blushes and feels hot and small pimples appear, usually I go straight to the skincare page to consult with the doctor and the doctor said that I need to be given a light and anti-irritation cream okay after that it returned clean but a few weeks later it returned like that again and strangely now appears but it feels different from before, now my skin is red and hot when I give skincare cream that they finally diagnosed that I was allergic or exposed to side effects, finally I decided to go to the doctor’s practice in SPKK jogja and the doctor said that I had to use cream that was on give from there for the process of neutralization / detox facial skin is what I do right? Or do I need to re-evaluate? thank you

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Greetings Aldokter,

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There is a history of the use of skin care products that you use from one of the skin care, which previously you are suitable and suitable but after a few years you feel uncomfortable side effects that cause complaints of redness, pansa and pimples, probably due to the composition of the product you are using when this is different from before or you are using a new product that is not right for you.

If for years you have used the same skin care products with the same treatment techniques, and so far you have matched the products and techniques, then this should not affect you. Unless there is one or several other products or outside products that you use besides the skincare product. Be it, facial washing soap, powder, or other types of stones that you use with a new brand that is not as usual.

Therefore, by consulting your skin care and dermatologist, your efforts are generally good. And if your dermatologist recommends using a cream to control your current complaints, then you can continue your doctor's plan by evaluating the next few days or weeks after further treatment. And if your complaint persists within 1 or 2 weeks of treatment, you can visit again to your dermatologist.

For now, some things you can consider or evaluate:

1. Avoid using any new products that you use compared to before, both for soap, facial cleanser, or powder that might use a new brand

2. Avoid using masks that you don't normally use, use natural masks or masks that you are used to

3. if the skin care product that you use has a different composition than usual, then you can request the same product as before that has the same composition as before

4. Avoid direct sunlight and long-term exposure until treatment provides benefits

Thus the info we can convey.

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