Pimples Arise Small Tiny Pus?

Illustration of Pimples Arise Small Tiny Pus?
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I want to ask,

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Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Some conditions that may occur on the skin reddish, feel, hot, burning, and suppurating are:

Irritant Contact Dermatitis.
Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

In the two types of dermatitis above, complaints on the skin occur after physical contact with certain substances or objects. The difference here lies in what substances make the complaints in the skin. In allergies, the substance will only affect the person, but if exposed to other people nothing will happen. While in the irritant, contact occurs with irritating materials, that is the same response will occur between one person and another when touched by these substances (battery liquid, vinegar, some detergents). Symptoms that arise in general are as follows:

Redness of the skin that feels itchy.
Hot on the skin.
Dry or scaly skin.
To thicken.
Blisters and blisters.
Feel pain when touched or appear pain.

Dermatitis can trigger additional / secondary infections due to an injury from the outer skin layer which protects the body from exposure to germs from the outside. Folliculitis is an infection that is often experienced by people with dermatitis. Folliculitis is an infection in the follicles where hair growth is usually caused by bacteria (festering). Symptoms that arise in folliculitis are as follows:

Many small bumps appear, painful, red, and festering like pimples.
The lump may enlarge or break.
Itching and burning sensation on the skin.

To find out exactly the cause of the abnormality on your skin, you must do a direct examination by a doctor. If necessary, a supporting examination can be carried out to find out the cause of the disease. The possibility of the three diseases above can be interconnected with one another.

Right now what you can do is:

Stop all use of any type of medication on your face considering the risk of allergies or irritation.
Immediately treat inflammation that occurs for a moment when it arises such as by using paracetamol and antihistamines to relieve symptoms.
Do not push the lump because it can cause another infection.
Clean your face with a baby face cleanser to minimize inflammation that might occur.
Consult your doctor again for problems with the effect of using your cream.

That's all the answers from me, hopefully it's always useful and healthy.

Thank you :)

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