Pimples While Pregnant?

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at puberty I often spotty. Before I was discovered to be pregnant, I had already taken the skin to check for complaints of acne, were given a concoction of antibiotic concoctions and ointment “nuface 0.25% teritonin”. now many small and large zits on the cheek area. Are external drugs “nuface” still safe to use for pregnant women?

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The use of skin care products during pregnancy does need to be done carefully, so as not to give danger, both to the mother and fetus in the womb. Therefore, ideally, before using skin care products during pregnancy, you need to consult it first to a doctor or dermatologist. The use of antibiotics also should not be careless during pregnancy.

The use of topical tretinoin during pregnancy falls into category C, which means it is known to have a negative impact on the fetus in experiments conducted on animals, but there are no adequate clinical trials related to its effects on humans. Inappropriate use of tretinoin can also cause allergies or skin irritation. This is the possibility that triggers zits on your skin at this time.

Our advice, first stop using these skin care products. First check your condition to a dermatologist to evaluate what the most appropriate treatment to be done. Treat pimples on your skin in the following ways:

Do not carelessly use anti-acne drugs
Diligently wash your face and clean your face with a clean towel
Protect skin from direct sunlight, smoke, dust and pollution
Drink more
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Don't sleep too late at night
Don't stress too much
Don't forcibly break or slough off a pimple

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