Pink And Brown Spots Occur

Illustration of Pink And Brown Spots Occur
Illustration: Pink And Brown Spots Occur

Doc, what is the danger of pinkish brown spots arising after maatrubasi ?? what are the dangers ??

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Hi Hya,

Thank you for the question.

Exiting pink brown spots after masturbation may indicate injury around your sex organs due to excessive masturbation. It could also be that these spots actually occur because of regular menstrual spots. However, it could also be, spots you experience are caused by other factors, such as hormonal disorders, pregnancy spots, pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, myoma, cervical cancer, and many other medical conditions.

Spots like this, if it comes out only once, without any other complaints such as abnormal vaginal discharge, bad odor, severe stomach cramps, or abnormal menstrual bleeding, often not dangerous. It is recommended for you to stop the habit of masturbation, because in addition to causing injury in the intimate organs that cause spots, this action can also cause your brain to shrink, so you will have difficulty thinking wisely, tend to be impulsive, and less able to control emotions properly. Not only that, excessive masturbation can also cause you to be easily bored and difficult to satisfy when having actual sex. In addition to stopping masturbation habits, so that spots don't recur, you should also increase your rest, improve the cleanliness of intimate organs, eat and drink healthy, not too many thoughts, and don't also take drugs or supplements carelessly.

Conversely, if spots occur very frequently or appear accompanied by other complaints that are more severe as already mentioned above, you should consult your doctor or obstetrician directly for further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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