Pla-baldness Due To Stress & Heredity?

Illustration of Pla-baldness Due To Stress & Heredity?
Illustration: Pla-baldness Due To Stress & Heredity?

Doctors, how to distinguish baldness due to stress and heredity? Does it show the same pattern of hair loss?

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Excessive hair loss can lead to baldness. This can occur only in the head area, or it can spread to all parts of the body. The causes are usually multifactorial, including:

Genetics (heredity)
Baldness that occurs purely due to genetic factors usually occurs gradually with age. Baldness due to genetic factors can show a distinctive pattern, both in women and men. In women, the pattern of baldness is generally characterized by diffuse thinning of hair. Meanwhile, in men, baldness more often starts from the forehead area so that it forms the letter M and also the hairline that is getting wider.
Hormonal changes
Conditions that affect the hormonal balance in the body, such as during pregnancy, postpartum menopause, or also those with thyroid gland disorders can cause baldness. Typically, baldness due to this factor will appear as patchy areas on the head, or is often termed alopecia areata. This condition can also be triggered by a fungal head infection or a psychological disorder that makes a person want to keep pulling out their hair (trichotillomania).
Drug side effects
Several types of drugs, such as drugs taken to treat cancer, arthritis, depression, heart disease, gout, or high blood pressure are known to trigger hair loss and baldness.
Radiotherapy side effects

The stress of a traumatic event in a person's life can lead to excessive hair loss. In general, this condition is temporary and will improve once the stress is treated. Stress is known to trigger hair loss and baldness through the following mechanisms:

Telogen effluvium; stress causes many hair follicles to enter a resting phase, so they fall out easily
Trichotillomania; This psychological disorder can be an outlet for stress, boredom, anxiety, or frustration
Alopecia areata; Many factors are thought to trigger this condition, one of which is excessive stress which causes abnormalities of the immune system to work so that it attacks healthy hair follicles and causes hair loss

Side effects of the treatment or hair modification performed
This condition can occur for example if you are accustomed to curling, straightening, or dyeing your hair excessively. Excessive heat exposure and harmful chemicals in the hair can trigger inflammation in the hair follicles which lead to hair loss.

As noted in our explanation above, the pattern of baldness caused by heredity and stress can be different. But again, in most cases, baldness does not only arise due to one single factor, but is multifactorial. Therefore, a comprehensive examination by a skin and genital specialist is needed to identify the causes of baldness and the best management to treat it.

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