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Illustration: Place The Teeth?

Hi, I want to ask that my first front tooth has been removed for a long time … and I am using dentures from a dentist … I installed a permanent tooth … but I feel uncomfortable, because of the bad breath caused by these dentures. even though I brush my teeth 1 day, it can be 4 to 5 times … what I want to ask is whether I can attach the implant teeth while the condition of my front gum has been deflated, and whether I can attach stirrup Teeth to close the front teeth with the side gums so that they don’t need to use dentures … thanks

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Hello Yulii,

Thank you for asking

Dental care procedures, including the installation of dentures, should be done directly by experts, namely dentists. Inappropriate dental care, can be very risky to cause a variety of complications, including infections, which often lead to bad breath as you experience now.

Broken teeth that have been removed should indeed not be left empty so as not to interfere with the structure of the other teeth, as well as the surrounding jaw. The treatment of this condition is medically possible in a variety of ways, including for example the installation of dental implants, removable dentures, crown bridges and so on. The selection of the best type of treatment for this condition, and when is the best time to do so, should be discussed directly with the dentist who is examining you. If the gap of your teeth after being pulled out is very large, generally the installation of braces is not recommended. Installation of braces can be done if the condition of your teeth before being overcrowded, so that it can improve its position with the installation of braces.

For that reason, we emphasize again, consult directly with the dentist so that the best solution is chosen to overcome your problem, yes. To help you overcome bad breath, our advice:

Only entrust your dental and oral care to the expert, the dentist

Be diligent at brushing your teeth morning, evening and night before going to bed using fluoride toothpaste
Gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash
Avoid eating and drinking habits (other than water) before bed
Eat regularly, don't be late, because an increase in stomach acid can also be a cause of bad breath
Check your oral health regularly to the dentist every 6 months

Hope this helps ...

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