Planning A Pregnancy In People With Hepatitis B?

Good evening doctor … r nDok, I want to ask a patient with hepatits b positive is it permissible to get pregnant ?? and how to deal with his partner if he wants the future wife to still be pregnant ?? r nThank you doctor … very info doctor

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Hello Yafet,

Hepatitis B is an inflammatory liver disease caused by hepatitis B virus infection. Hepatitis B initially causes non-specific symptoms such as flu symptoms, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and appetite. In some cases, the immune system can overcome the infection.

However, if the virus persists in the body for more than 6 months, chronic hepatitis B can develop with less severe symptoms. Although the symptoms are milder, chronic hepatitis B can actually cause more serious complications such as cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, and hepatitis B fulminant. Hepatitis B tests are liver function tests, HBsAg, HBeAg, anti-HBs, HBV DNA, ultrasound, and liver biopsy. Treatment will be adjusted to the patient's condition, for example with supporting drugs to reduce symptoms, antivirals, and peginterferon alfa-2a.

Hepatitis B sufferers are allowed to get pregnant, but you should first consult with an obstetrician and also an internal medicine doctor before deciding on a pregnancy program. The doctor will check first to find out your condition and then provide the necessary treatment.

Pregnant women with HBsAg (+) or infected with hepatitis B, need special handling during delivery and also treatment for their babies. Pregnant women with hepatitis B are obliged to notify their condition to birth attendants. After the baby is born, the baby will get 2 shots of the hepatitis B vaccine in the first 12 hours after birth which aims to prevent hepatitis B. After 1-2 months, the baby will have another blood test to evaluate your baby's condition. While breastfeeding, you are still allowed to breastfeed your baby as usual. There are no restrictions on hugging and kissing babies either.

Thus you don't need to worry about the hepatitis B condition you are experiencing. You can and can still get pregnant, it's just that I recommend consulting an obstetrician and internal medicine doctor before undertaking a pregnancy program. During pregnancy, routine control with an obstetrician must also be carried out, and must notify the history of hepatitis B to the examining doctor and birth attendant. Apart from that, I also suggest that your future husband be examined. If your future husband is not infected with hepatitis B, it is better if your husband-to-be should get the hepatitis B vaccine before marriage to prevent hepatitis B transmission.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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