Planning A Pregnancy In People With PCOS?

Illustration of Planning A Pregnancy In People With PCOS?
Illustration: Planning A Pregnancy In People With PCOS?

, on May 5 yesterday I consulted the doctor, he said I was hit by PCOS, I was given menstrual provocation drugs such as KB pills, metformin inlasin and 1 lg of medicine I forgot the name. I just drank 1 item for each night medicine I immediately menstruated. and he said 8 0 9 days after menstruation I have to do HSG. After 8 days I phoned in the lab, the cs said if I checked the HSG my menstruation had to be clean, whereas until now I was still menstruating and my period was getting less and less, even more and more, clumps of about 3 fingers came out every time I urinated, I had to What to do?? I still take metformin + inlasin until now.

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HSG or hysterosalpingogram is an additional examination procedure that is usually performed on the uterus. This is done to determine the state of the channel between the uterus and the ovaries whether there is interference or not. This action does require preparation which is carried out after the menstrual process is complete. This is done because if the menstrual period is not clean, it can cause the examination process to be interrupted and the results obtained are also not optimal.

If indeed you are still undergoing therapy, then continue therapy according to your doctor's advice. If indeed later the therapy or medication that is given runs out, you should control it back to your doctor. The doctor will need to evaluate your condition, and will give you the appropriate action. Do you still need more treatment, or can HSG be done?

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