Plastic Surgery For 17 Year Olds?

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Afternoon doctor, introduce my name is Alaska, I have a younger sister who this year will be 17 years old, she is not confident with the shape of her nose and wants to change it by plastic surgery. Can teenagers have plastic surgery? what is the impact and how many weeks to recovery?

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Hi alaskaeve,

Thank you for asking

Everyone is born with a nose that varies, some are snub, some are sharp, wide, long, and so on. This difference in the shape of the nose, as long as it does not interfere with its function, for example causing nasal congestion, repeated nosebleeds, and so on, should be grateful for, because it can be a characteristic that distinguishes you from others.

Many people are tempted to do plastic surgery to improve their body shape that is considered less than perfect, one of which is the shape of the nose. This surgery is often done to sharpen a flat nose, straighten a slanted nose, correct an abnormal nasal septum, and so on. However, your sister needs to check with a plastic surgeon first if she really intends to undergo this surgery. Because, there are indications and contraindications that must be followed before undergoing surgery.

Doctors will generally advise your sister to postpone the operation if it is felt that her face shape is still developing. Usually, the shape of the face, jaw, and forehead will settle down after a woman reaches the age of 20 years. However, this condition can certainly be different for each person.

In addition, other health indicators will also be evaluated by the doctor, such as vital signs, disease history, and so on. This thorough examination is necessary because plastic surgery is not a risk-free procedure. Post-surgery, many complications may arise, such as failed reconstruction, infection of surgical scars, growth of scar tissue on surgical scars, nerve disorders, bleeding, and so on. So, think carefully before deciding to undergo plastic surgery, okay?

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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