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Illustration: Please Explain?

Hello, I want to ask .. I used to walk to buy lunch at that time and suddenly my head was dizzy as if I was going to be hit like that from behind (no one hit at that time) like I was going to fall like that u0026amp; it happened twice already, guess that’s why?

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There are complaints of dizziness or headaches that you feel until it feels like being hit from the back and you have felt it twice, it may be triggered by the tension in your head muscles and the muscles in your neck. This muscle tension can occur especially when you feel more physical fatigue than usual. When your body starts to get tired and your physical condition begins to decline, some accompanying complaints can accompany, such as fatigue, drowsiness, stiff muscles, body discomfort, or headaches to dizziness or balance disorders. So it is necessary to maintain a balance of your activity and rest load, it aims to restore your muscle strength, your stamina, and help a smoother or better blood flow. So that the accompanying complaints that you feel can be minimized.

Aside from the physical fatigue that has accumulated or the fatigue that you are feeling, some other medical conditions can also increase the complaints you feel, such as:

Your blood sugar levels have begun to decrease during the day, one of which is due to the hunger response so that this causes annoying headaches
Lack of sleep or sleep often late at night, so your muscles are tense and uncomfortable
Too much consumption of salty foods, or instant drinks in containers
Dehydration or your air intake is lacking

It is important to evaluate and identify a number of things that might trigger this disturbing headache or dizziness. With a good evaluation of this complaint, you can identify possible causes and avoid it.

Apart from tension in the head muscles, several other conditions can also trigger complaints that are almost the same as:

Narrowing of the nerves in the neck area
Blood cholesterol is more than normal
Uric acid
Blood pressure disorders
Stomach upset or digestive disorders
Suffer early symptoms of illness, such as the beginning of a cough or the beginning of a cold

Because dizzy complaints that you feel are not specific to one disease, this needs to be confirmed by a doctor's examination directly. By visiting your family doctor, it is hoped that this complaint can be evaluated and the cause known. The doctor will conduct an interview related to this complaint and proceed with a physical examination to help ascertain the cause. If needed, a supplementary examination can be planned to help support your doctor's examination. However, because currently the conditions in Indonesia are in Covid-19 alert conditions that need attention, you should be able to contact your doctor online unless you are welcome to come for an examination. This is especially true if you are in an area at risk of local transmission according to the Ministry of Health.

During the evaluation and prevention period, several things you need to pay attention to, such as:

Avoid sleeping late
Avoid physical errors
Avoid eating too late
Avoid the habit of not eating
Avoid spicy foods, instant foods and instant drinks
Enough water

Thus the info we can convey.

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