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Illustration: Please Help !?

Please help from this question “during the history, a patient complained of pain in the outer ear and pain behind the right ear and it felt increasingly painful, and there was an oddity in the patient’s face, this happened 2 days ago after waking up, after anamnesis the doctor suggested ct scans and electromyography and given drugs, one of which was prednisolone, suspected to be due to a virus, what disease?

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Hi Imam,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear, what kind of facial oddity do you mean? Is the face asymmetrical, swollen, paralyzed, or something?

Pain around the ear (that is, the outer ear and behind the ear) can be caused by infection. The cause of this infection can be various, it can be viral, bacterial, or fungal. This infection can affect the ear, for example due to damp ear conditions, accumulated earwax, or also due to the spread of infection from the respiratory tract through the Eustachian tube. Not only pain, infection in the ear can also cause swelling, abnormal secretions from the ear, and decreased hearing function. Apart from infection, ear pain can also be caused by tinnitus (ringing in the ears), migraines, Meniere's disease, changes in chest air pressure (barotrauma), and so on.

Unfortunately, you did not explain in detail what kind of strange face you meant. Hence, it is difficult for us to identify exactly what the patient is in.

However, if what you mean is that the patient's face is asymmetrical, tilted to one side, frequent drooling (salivating), numbness or tingling on one side, difficulty closing his eyes, difficulty smiling, or experiencing complete paralysis in the facial muscles, then the condition this is most likely due to Bell's palsy.

Bell's palsy occurs when the facial nerve, which supplies large areas of the face, is paralyzed. The exact cause of this condition is not known. However, many experts argue that this is related to viral infections, for example herpes simplex, herpes zoster, epstein-barr, cytomegalovirus, adenovirus, rubella, mumps, influenza B, coxsackievirus, and so on. It could also be, the virus that causes ear infections experienced by the patient previously attacked the facial nerve which passes through the area around the ear.

You should consult directly with the doctor who treats the patient to find out the exact condition that causes the complaint. Examinations such as CT scans are usually done by doctors to find out other possibilities that can cause facial nerve disorders, for example due to tumors or other disorders in the brain. Meanwhile, electromyography examination can be done to confirm the presence of nerve damage and assess its severity. If it is true that the cause of the complaint is due to Bell's palsy due to a viral infection, then drugs such as corticosteroids and antivirals will be given along with other drugs according to the patient's complaint. Not only that, doctors can also direct patients to undergo physiotherapy or surgery if needed.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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