Please Provide Information About The Pros And Cons Of Pregnancy For Field Workers?

Good morning, sorry I want to ask because I just got married and to be honest I still don’t understand about pregnancy. I got married last month, and this month I am already 4 weeks late. My period has been 4 weeks, I have tried testing up to 3 times and the results are positive, thank God, but I don’t know what to do and I am a field worker, will it be okay? I have not dared to go to a doctor to be honest. I am afraid my husband will be far away. what doctor thinks should I do now? sorry if there is a wrong word and my question is difficult to understand. I’m still confused, ask for info and suggestions

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Pregnant women who are in good health are basically able to carry out their daily activities as usual, including working in the field and playing sports. However, there are some things that you should pay attention to in this young pregnancy:

Make sure you check with your obstetrician to do a direct examination of the condition of your pregnancy and your fetus. Make sure you consume pregnancy vitamins regularly every day. Eat enough nutritious food. You do not need to eat excessive amounts, the most important thing is to eat a complete nutritious diet. Drink enough. Do physical activity according to your ability, if you are tired while on the move, take a break and don't push yourself. Be careful about taking medicines while you are pregnant, including using skin and facial creams, doing hair care at the salon, or doing other personal care. Always check with your doctor first about the drugs, supplements, or skin care you are using. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking excess coffee Avoid excessive stress

The following are articles that you can read about healthy pregnancy and tips for staying active while pregnant

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