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Illustration: Please Respond :)?

Hello good night, I want to ask, I’ve had 4-5 days of inflammation of my throat, and my body temperature has changed, and my head is often dizzy when I get out of bed. and if you take another breath in the abdomen a little above the left lower part of the rib cage (stomach / intestine maybe I mean) is that a positive sign of corona huh? if not how should I do.

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Hello Muhammad Zidan,

Complaints of sore throat, dizziness, feeling of fever can be caused by the following diseases:

Laryngitis and other upper respiratory tract infections

Covid-19 (corona virus disease) is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. This virus attacks mainly the respiratory tract so that it is similar to the symptoms of other respiratory diseases. However, from epidemiological studies the main symptoms found in patients with positive Covid-19 are:

Fever> 38 degrees Celsius measured with a thermometer Fever may not appear in patients with immune disorders (for example due to immunocompromised disease)

Cough continuously
Sore throat
Out of breath
Fatigue (tired, excessive tired)
Less common symptoms: headache, diarrhea, bone pain, joints, nasal congestion

Supporting checks (respiratory swab examination) are needed to confirm positive cases of Covid-19. Because the examination laboratory is limited, examiners are limited, the swab examination is still prioritized for patients who are included in the Covid-19 criteria such as:

Fever> 38 degrees Celsius AND one of the following symptoms: cough / runny nose / sore throat / mild pneumonia that is incompatible with other causes AND within 14 days there is a history of traveling / domiciled in areas with local transmission OR a history of contact with positive patients Covid- 19 / Suspected Covid-19
Fever> 38 degrees centigrade (or a history of fever) OR respiratory symptoms AND no other cause / illness that matches the clinical manifestations of the patient AND within 14 days there is a history of traveling / domiciled in areas with local transmission OR a history of contact with positive patients Covid-19 / Suspected Covid-19
Symptoms of severe pneumonia / severe ARI that are incompatible with other causes AND are in the local transmission area in Indonesia

Please call the 119 ext 9 or 112 hotline or the Covid-19 hotline provided by your local government for guidance on the inspection flow. If you prove positive from the Covid-19 swab, you will be picked up for isolation at the hospital.

Covid-19 disease is self limiting which means it can heal itself due to body immunity. However, in the course of the disease some people need additional medical care especially when there are severe symptoms such as severe pneumonia, respiratory distress, systemic infections, to failure of other organs.

The most important thing to do now is to limit the spread and transmission of this disease, especially to people who are at high risk. Young people can be infected but have no symptoms and can continue to pass it on to others. Therefore, the government's call not to travel / leave the house for at least 14 days should be obeyed as much as possible. Some of these things need to be considered to prevent Covid-19 transmission:

Avoid traveling, especially in a crowd if it's not necessary
Social distancing - give a minimum distance of 1-2 meters from others. (Covid is transmitted through cough / sneezing / breathing droplet sufferers who can travel in the air up to 1-2 meters)
Use a mask if you cough / runny nose OR if you don't have it, then when coughing cover your nose and mouth with a tissue then throw away then wash your hands with running water and soap OR cough using the inside of your arm - fold your elbows
Wash your hands thoroughly with running water and soap OR with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. (Viruses from droplets that fall on objects can last for several hours, if you touch with your hands, then those hands touch the mouth, nose, eyes, then you can get it)
Do not touch the face area without washing hands
Apply clean and healthy behavior (PHBS)
Monitor info on Covid-19 from official sites (avoid hoaxes)
If there is no serious illness or no temporary medical emergencies, avoid going to a health facility (to prevent contracting). Please consume over-the-counter OTC medications to relieve your symptoms. Pay attention to the instructions for use and contraindications to the use of drugs. If symptoms are severe or there is a medical emergency please come to a health facility with:
Use a mask
No public transportation
Not swarming
Wash your hands diligently

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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