Pleomorphic Adenoma Treatment?

Illustration of Pleomorphic Adenoma Treatment?
Illustration: Pleomorphic Adenoma Treatment? Bing

.rMy sister was diagnosed with pleomorphic adenoma and was advised for surgery.rnIs there any other way to treat it besides surgery?rnThank you

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Hello sister Frenita, Pleomorphic adenoma as we know it is a benign tumor of the salivary or parotid glands, a hard, rounded lump palpable, painless and movable, its growth is quite slow. To diagnose it, a biopsy is usually done and an examination of the cell type by Pathology, Anatomy and MRI if necessary. As the name suggests, this tumor is pleomorphic on examination consisting of various cells such as epithelial, myoepithelial and mesenchymal. Generally, these tumors do not tend to be dangerous, but if their growth gets bigger it can inhibit the function and secretion of the gland, not only that it can be at risk of suppressing the surrounding nerves and <5% may turn into malignancy in the future. The treatment is surgical removal, the operation carried out also has a risk of recurrence if there is part of the tumor left behind, the complications are the growing tumor and infection of the gland. Click the article Polymorphic Adenomas. May be useful

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