PLIF Operation And MED Operation.?

Illustration of PLIF Operation And MED Operation.?
Illustration: PLIF Operation And MED Operation.?

I want to ask that PLIF operation is the same as MED operation? Risk of PLIF operation? Thx

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Do you mean by both types of surgery is surgery on the spine? I cannot be sure about the type of surgery you are referring to, because you did not write in full and did not include your history. Avoid using abbreviations without information, because in the medical world there are many terms that may have the same or similar abbreviations.

I assume the operation you are asking for is spinal surgery. PLIF (posterior lumbar inter body fusion) and MED (microendoscopic dissection) are clearly two different operations, although they can be performed simultaneously on the same patient. The operation is generally performed on people with hernia pulposus nucleus (HNP) and sciatica that do not improve with treatment or routine physiotherapy. In MED the removal of one or several spinal discs that press on the nerves. This operation is minimally invasive because it uses a type of endoscopic device that allows the surgical wound to remain small and the risk of side effects to be minimal. After MED, the doctor can decide whether a person needs to receive PLIF surgery or not. Generally people who need a lot of stability in the spine, such as athletes, can do PLIF surgery. In PLIF, bone graft and plate and screws are inserted into the lumbar bone with HNP. It is expected that in the healing process the two bones will come together so that the bones become more stable. PLIF surgery does not always succeed in uniting two bones, especially in people with obesity, heavy smokers, alcoholics, a history of recurrent spinal surgery, malignancy, and other chronic diseases.

After undergoing both surgeries, the healing period and rest are at least 2 weeks. Many restrictions must be obeyed, such as not being able to bend, not lifting heavy loads, not driving a vehicle, not exercising, not smoking and not consuming alcohol. Patients also have to do physiotherapy routinely for several weeks or months.

Side effects include bleeding, deep vein thrombosis, spinal cord injury, infection, muscle injury, and persistent pain.

Consult properly with the treating doctor about this. Ask for as much detailed information as possible, to simplify the decision making process. Hopefully this information helps you. Regards.

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