Pneumonia Examination Results?

Illustration of Pneumonia Examination Results?
Illustration: Pneumonia Examination Results?

morning, I want to ask, last night I just got out of the hospital, the results of the x-ray showed that I had pnumobia and TB miliary, however, what is the fix because I did not have a sputum test, then what is the transmission if I am already infected with TB, how? avoiding infection for people I love, every time they touch me they can also be infected, thank you r nNb. In Sumenep Madura

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Hello Dhie-danz,

Pneumonia is a condition of infection of the bronchial airways and lungs due to bacterial infection of S pneumoniae, viral infections, fungal infections, and due to aspiration of foreign bodies. Symptoms include fever, sweating, chills, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Examination to confirm pneumonia is by taking medical history / interview, physical examination, and if necessary by X-ray, sputum test, and blood test. Treatment of pneumonia will be adjusted to the patient's condition, for example by reducing fever, pain relief, and antibiotics if it is caused by bacteria.

TB is a contagious disease caused by infection with M tuberculosis bacteria. TB can occur in the lungs or outside the lungs. Milier TB is a type of TB that is widespread in the human body and can affect the lungs and other organs. Symptoms of miliary TB include fever, cough, enlarged lymph glands, enlarged liver, weight loss, and decreased appetite.

Examinations performed by the doctor include anamnesis, physical examination, molecular rapid tests, sputum tests, and X-rays. Treatment of miliary TB is with anti-tuberculosis / OAT drugs that are given for 6-12 months depending on the patient's condition. Patients whose symptoms are more severe can also be hospitalized.

Pneumonia and TB are transmitted through sputum droplets in the air, for example when a person coughs or sneezes. To prevent transmission of pneumonia and TB you and your family can take the following tips:

Make sure to take the medicine from the doctor as directed, do not miss Routine control with the treating doctor on the given schedule Consumption of healthy and nutritious food Regular exercise Get enough rest Use a mask when near other people Try not to be close to pregnant women, babies, and children Adjust the ventilation and lighting in the room, if possible install glass tiles so that sunlight comes into the room and open the window Remove phlegm in the bathroom then rinse immediately Do not share a room with other family members for at least a few weeks of treatment Try to keep the house smoke-free I recommend that You should consult further about TB and pneumonia with a pulmonary doctor, if not, you can consult an internal medicine doctor.

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