Polio DPT Immunization

Illustration of Polio DPT Immunization
Illustration: Polio DPT Immunization

Hello doc. My child is 8 months old. Usually immunizations are on schedule. Since there was a corona outbreak, so I went to immunization. Even though it’s time for immunization for DPT polio (it should be 15 february) and hepatitis B3 (age schedule 8 mth). How do you dock?

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Basically the Indonesian Pediatric Association continues to recommend that immunizations be carried out according to the recommended schedule and do not need to be postponed in the current corona virus pandemic. Even if they want to be postponed, the delay is only recommended for 2 weeks. Delays are not recommended for initial immunization (polio 0, hepatitis B 0, BCG, and DTP + Hib + Hepatitis B1).

Health facilities for immunizing children are advised to open special service areas for immunizing children that are separate from services for sick people. Even if there are no separate special immunization services, you can still immunize children, but make sure you pay attention to the following things to minimize the risk of transmission:

Keep a safe distance from other people (at least 1.8-2 meters), especially when you are waiting in line or when you are waiting in the waiting room, you should wait in a quiet place and no one
Don't touch anything in a health facility, take care of your child not to touch objects in a health facility
Wash your hands often or use a hand sanitizer if there is no washing place
Do not touch your face or the child's face, especially with your hands that have not been washed
After arriving at home immediately change and wash your clothes, then take a shower and bathe your child until it is completely clean

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