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, permission to ask. Is it dangerous or not if IV polio is given by IPV to a 5 month old baby. Shouldn’t polio IV still be given OPV? Only one month later given IPV. And if it has been given IPV, will it be injected again next month? Thanks. Answer please

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Hello Mr. Anii Nuraenii,

There are 2 types of polio immunization, namely: OPV and IPV. IPV is given by injection and OPV is given by mouth drop. Both OPV and IPV have their own advantages and disadvantages.

OPV is live attenuated poliovirus. This vaccine is cheaper, easier to administer, and because it is given by mouth, it will also provide immunity to the digestive tract. Side effects such as diarrhea.

On the other hand, the IPV vaccine contains dead (inactivated) virus. These vaccines are more expensive and the immune effect on the digestive tract is minimal.

According to the immunization rules from IDAI 2017, polio immunization is recommended to be given at the age of 0-1 months (polio 0), 2 months (polio 1), 3 months (polio 2), and 4 (polio 3) months and booster doses when the child is 18 months old. Until now, OPV is still the main recommendation and IPV cannot be considered as a substitute for OPV, but as an addition to strengthen a child's immune system against polio. When the baby gets OPV for the first time, for the next dose (age 2, 3, 4 months) OPV or IPV can be given. IDAI recommends that at least the baby will get IPV one time and it can be given at the same time as the administration of the last dose of OPV/4th dose/3rd polio.

Regarding your question, it is not dangerous to give IPV at 5 months because it can already be given at that age. After getting the first dose of OPV, for further polio-1, polio-2, and poli0-3 immunizations at 2, 3, 4 months of age and also a booster at 18 months of age, both IPV and OPV can be given. In practice, we can find different types of polio vaccine, it's just that OPV is always given. That way, there's nothing wrong if at the 4th dose (= polio 3) as you asked about IPV was given.

For more information, return to consult with your doctor regarding the selection of OPV and IPV vaccines.

Thus, thank you

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