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Mild concussion conditions usually occur after trauma / injury / impact to the head. Trauma to the head depends on how strong the impact is so that it can cause a concussion. Concussion itself is divided into concussions, mild, moderate, severe, and it is classified based on the patient's condition after the occurrence of trauma / accident / impact to the head, depending on the symptoms experienced by the patient and the results of examinations by doctors and other supporting examination results. Whether after the incident the patient was conscious / not, had experienced fainting or not, did the patient experience headaches, was there severe vomiting / not, usually on the results of the examination the patient's condition was lightly conscious, did not experience recurring fainting and had no other complaints then it was included in the a mild concussion condition that only requires supervision / observation for a certain time and can then be done outpatient. Low blood pressure itself with anemia are two different conditions. Low blood pressure is low blood pressure in a person's body, which often causes symptoms such as fatigue, and drifting, feelings like falling, etc. While anemia itself is a condition in which a person's body lacks red blood cells that carry hemoglobin. Anemia itself can be caused by several possibilities including:

acute bleeding
chronic bleeding
iron deficiency
folic acid deficiency
vitamin b12 deficiency
Thallasemia blood disorders
blood malignancy

Symptoms that result from this anemia include:

the body gets tired easily
easy headaches
difficulty concentrating
tingling sensation
limb cramps

If you experience these complaints, you should further confirm your condition whether you have low blood pressure or anemia, and if indeed you often undergo transfusions, usually the condition you experience is anemia or lack of red blood cells, you should go to a doctor for further examination. an internal medicine specialist to find out the cause of your anemia condition whether the cause is whether there is chronic bleeding or other causes such as a deficiency in certain substances, may be advised to carry out tests such as blood tests or other necessary tests. Treatment depends on the underlying cause of anemia and depending on how severe the condition of your blood deficiency is, if the HB test results are low enough <8, a repeat blood transfusion is usually required. Pomegranate contains many vitamins such as vitamins A, E, K, C as antioxidants. Consumption of pomegranate is good for the health of the body in terms of its content, but there is no research that consumption of pomegranates can treat anemia. As previously mentioned, the treatment of anemia depends on the results of blood tests whether it requires transfusions or certain drugs such as iron supplements, or folic acid, or vitamin B depending on what causes anemia itself, so it is necessary to find out the underlying cause to be able to solve the problem. Mild concussions are usually brief but still need to be re-controlled for the condition.

following articles you can read anemia, hypotension

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