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good night, I want to ask, my child aged 13 months does not want to eat and what can make him full? nI gave him brown rice porridge and I mixed it into formula milk is it full enough? mix it into the milk formula? nthank you ..

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Hello Devy,

Sometimes your child's age does not want to eat or is lazy to eat. This can lead to confusion and panic among the parents. Actually, you don't need to worry first if your child doesn't want to eat as long as their weight continues to gain and the child remains active.

Children having difficulty eating must first find out the cause. Some of the causes of difficulty eating include children who are picky eaters, children are bored with their diet, teething, canker sores, babies are still full (especially if they often snack before eating), babies are sleepy or tired, and the baby's condition is not fit.

Here are some ways you can try to deal with your little one who doesn't want to eat:

Stay calm and don't panic or be sad Give food according to age, if you have never tried rice before, at 13 months of age you can try starting with soft rice, then increase the texture or gradually get coarser according to the child's ability. Give food in small portions Give food with cute shapes and use colorful or illustrated food utensils. Take your little one to eat with family or with friends. Try not to eat meals close to bedtime Provide food that can be handled, such as boiled vegetables or fruit. should always eat rice. Sources of carbohydrates can be obtained from other foods such as potatoes or boiled sweet potatoes, pasta, and bread. Involve children when cooking, this may make children more interested in cooking. Limit pre-meal snacks and try to provide healthier snacks. Let the children eat alone, but Don't scold the child if he is dirty or spat out the food. If the child still doesn't want to eat, don't force it. Wait until a few hours later and try to offer food back to the child. For white rice, grind it, refine it or make rice flour, ideally, keep it cooked first. You don't have to worry about your child not eating. Keep track of their nutritional intake and weight. As long as the weight is still gaining every month, the child is still active, the child is not sick, you can try some of the tips above first.

However, if the child's weight remains or is experiencing weight loss, the child is weak, dehydrated, or the child is experiencing pain, you should consult your pediatrician again.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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