Portions Of Eating Pregnant Women At Night?

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good night doctor..I want to ask..my obstetric age 5 months .. at night when I eat rice and drink milk I am sure I am stuffed and it’s hard because I feel like that..will at night I can only eat fruits? atw eat bread and milk mnm ?? does it affect the development of the fetus ?? whereas I eat fruit in the afternoon and eat a lot of rice … please answer doctor … thanks

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

Basically a woman who is pregnant does experience a slowdown in bowel movements and weakness in the gastroesophageal sphincter because of the effects of pregnancy hormones. This causes a woman who is pregnant is very easy to experience bloating and swelling, fast satiety, constipation, and symptoms of acid reflux disease such as a chest that feels hot, a mouth that feels sour or bitter. That's why actually women who are pregnant are better advised to eat smaller portions, but more often. If indeed these gastrointestinal symptoms are more often felt at night, then you will also be advised to keep your dinner time away from sleep, and to sleep in a more elevated head position.

Regarding the food you eat at night, you may set your own food what you want to eat at night. But the principle remains the same, don't eat too much (including in the morning and afternoon) and don't eat too close to bedtime. You better manage to eat 4-5 times a day than you eat a lot at once. For example, if eating rice and milk makes you full, you can eat more late (for example at 6), then drink milk 2 hours later (at 8), or vice versa. This will reduce the risk of you experiencing flatulence and begah.

Make sure you eat enough and the nutrients are also sufficient for you and the baby in your womb. You still have to take your pregnancy vitamins regularly every day, so that the micronutrients needed during your pregnancy can still be fulfilled. Also make sure you do a routine obstetrician's checkup and have an ultrasound at least 2 times during your pregnancy.

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