Positive Testpack Results But Negative Urine And Flu Test Results?

Illustration of Positive Testpack Results But Negative Urine And Flu Test Results?
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Hello … I am a 26 yrs old woman. My menstrual cycle is regular. My last period was on 31 July 2018. My test on 31 August showed negative results. I checked again on September 12 showing positive results in 2 lines. I sometimes experience lower abdominal cramps, lumbago, nausea, dizziness. R nThe 17th sept I did a urine test at the health center where it was found to be negative on the parameters of the protein and reduction tests. Because I’m curious. I am confident again at home. Still shows a positive result 2 lines. R nNow I’m in a position with fever and flu. I want to take paracetamol too so it goes awry. I was afraid there was a fetus in my uterus. R nWhat do the doctors think?

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Hello Rima92, thank you for consulting through HealthReplies.com

I understand your concern, from the narrative you convey, we will try to straighten it out. Urine tests / tests to detect pregnancy are different from the urine checks you do at the health center.

Your urine test shows negative results on the parameters for protein and reduction, these two parameters are used to detect the function of your kidneys, whether they are in good condition or are being impaired. A negative result on protein and reduction indicates that your kidneys are functioning well. Meanwhile, the test pack results (positive results) are a test to detect pregnancy hormones associated with the presence of a fetus that has attached to your uterus. This indicates that you are indeed in a positive state of pregnancy.

The testpack is a stick-shaped pregnancy test tool to detect the presence of the hCG hormone that is released along with urine, which can be used as a parameter for the presence of a fertilized egg that has attached to the uterine wall. Usually the hCG hormone increases about six days after conception occurs.

Since your condition is currently pregnant, it is only natural to be careful when consuming certain drugs. Must have a drug that is completely safe for pregnant women, so as not to affect and harm the condition of the fetus you are carrying, especially in the early pregnancy or the first trimester.

Paracetamol is a drug that contains analgesics (anti-pain) and antipyretics (fever-reducing) which are usually sold freely in pharmacies and stalls. It is usually used to reduce fever and reduce pain, especially when someone is having a cold, cough, cold, or headache. Paracetamol is included in the category B drug which shows a safe effect in infants, but there are still no further studies in pregnant women.

To treat the flu complaints that you feel, it is better if you check with your doctor first to find out your health status, and the doctor can choose cold medicine that is safe for you to consume. Meanwhile you can do a number of things you can do at home so that your complaints can be reduced, including:

Adequate rest, especially at night, and take breaks during the day
consume enough water to keep the body from lack of caian
choose healthy and nutritious foods and process the food ingredients properly
reduce consumption of foods that contain lots of oil and fat
Fulfill food intake such as fruits and vegetables that are washed before consumption

A little information from us, hope it is useful for you. Thanks.

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