Possible Conscious Post-bleeding Coma Of The Brain?

Illustration of Possible Conscious Post-bleeding Coma Of The Brain?
Illustration: Possible Conscious Post-bleeding Coma Of The Brain? dana.org

My uncle’s doctor went into a coma with a level of consciousness of 5 after sudden collapse and cerebral hemorrhage. Is there still a chance for you to leave?

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Rupture of blood vessels in the brain can cause brain cells to not get a supply of oxygen and nutrients to carry out their functions properly. As a result, sufferers may experience decreased awareness and various other symptoms, for example vomiting, severe headaches, blurred or double vision, weakness and numbness in the motors, impaired coordination, speech disorders, mental confusion, and so on. In the medical realm, this condition is called hemorrhagic stroke.

The prognosis (possibility of recovery) of hemorrhagic stroke is determined by many factors, including from the symptoms that arise (in your case, namely decreased consciousness), but also from the location of bleeding, complications caused, as well as a history of the patient's general health condition. The National Institute of The Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) mentions several aspects that can affect the good or bad prognosis of stroke patients including:

Level of awareness Eye coordination Field of vision test Facial paralysis Motor function of the arms and legs Motion coordination of sensory functions Language skills Speech ability Attention Therefore, just by knowing your uncle's level of awareness, it is difficult for us to identify how much potential your uncle has to regain consciousness and recover as before. . However, no matter how small, of course the opportunity will still be there, as long as your uncle gets the right treatment.

Coordinate directly with a neurologist or a neurosurgeon who treats your uncle so you can monitor conditions more clearly.

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