Possible Contracting Of Corona From Gusts Of Wind

Illustration of Possible Contracting Of Corona From Gusts Of Wind
Illustration: Possible Contracting Of Corona From Gusts Of Wind

hello dol, i want to ask if the corona virus can survive in the air for 3 hours. Does the virus carried by the wind (fresh air in the morning) can also infect us? thank you

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 COVID-19 (Corona virus disease 2019) is an infectious respiratory disease that is highly contagious. So that this disease has spread in many countries, including Indonesia. This has caused the World Health Organization, WHO, to issue a pandemic status for this disease.
 COVID-19 is caused by a new type of Corona virus, namely severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS CoV-2). This virus is transmitted from human to human through droplets. That is due to a healthy person directly exposed to droplets (drops of water) when sneezing or coughing. In addition, droplets can hit the surface of the object, then the hands of healthy people hold the object, then the hands that come in contact with the face (eyes, nose, mouth and surrounding area).
 While the transmission of the virus through the air, there is no research that confirms this. Therefore, for now the thought is still in the research stage.
 Because this disease is very contagious, then you must really avoid doing activities outside the home, yes. Until the pandemic status was revoked by WHO.
 You can read about the isolation protocol in an effort to break the chain of transmission and treatment of COVID-19 issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. You can also check yourself to see the status of risk of contracting COVID-19 by following and answering questions raised by this link.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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