Possible Corona Virus Infection When Nasal Congestion

Illustration of Possible Corona Virus Infection When Nasal Congestion
Illustration: Possible Corona Virus Infection When Nasal Congestion ssl.adam.com

I have had a blocked nose for 2 days, but I have not experienced an increase in body temperature, coughing and dizziness. Does this include the common cold or corona? Thank you

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Complaints in nasal congestion can be caused by various possibilities such as viral / bacterial infections, allergies, polyps, malignancies, and so on.

In general, symptoms that arise due to viral infections in the respiratory tract such as the common cold or Corona look similar. The common cold is caused by rhinovirus which often infects children and adolescents. Symptoms that arise are usually in the form of upper respiratory tract complaints such as colds, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, rarely to fever. While COVID-19 is caused by the Corona virus which usually attacks the lower respiratory tract with the main symptoms of fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. But of course the symptoms alone cannot be the basis for determining someone exposed to Corona infection or the common cold. A thorough examination is required starting from a medical interview (to find out there is no history of traveling to an area with endemic COVID-19 or direct contact with a positive patient in the last 14 days), a complete physical examination, and other necessary examinations.

Luckily at this time you can do:

Maintain good endurance with a healthy lifestyle (regular exercise, multiply fruits, get enough rest and drink)
Wear a mask if you have symptoms
Wash your hands regularly, especially before and after touching your face with soap
Avoid the crowd
Avoid traveling
If within 3 days the complaint does not improve immediately consult a doctor for further handling.

So, hopefully useful

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