Possible Diarrhea In Babies?

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ok, my son is 6 months 10 days, now he has received solid food (MPASI) fruits (papaya, banana, pear, apple, dragon fruit), rice flour (mung beans, white rice, brown rice) u0026 tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes) u0026 pumpkin. My child consumes hypoallergenic formula milk, within 24 hours about 4-5 x 120 ml.rnrnToday (from morning to noon) my child has defecated 5 times, with varying consistency (heavy tends to push but there are no sores) in the rectum) and mushy (squirted with different colors, and seeds but not liquid foam). But from the soft defecation, there is something that smells sour like diarrhea.rnrnOn 15/1/2018 then my child had a fever u0026 well, this of course I took him for treatment and got antibiotics, concoction drugs cough cold u0026 fever medicine if needed. On tfl 19, 22 u0026 1/24/2018 my son received inhalation therapy. Currently, the sputum is still faint, but very rare.rnrnWhat I want to ask is, is there a possibility of diarrhea in my child? Please also note that my child does not have a fever at this time. Then, is the amount of milk enough? Because since solid foods have decreased the amount of milk they drink has decreased, is this condition normal?rnrnIf my child is likely to have diarrhea, what things should I do u0026 to pay attention to. Do I need to stop feeding solids or reduce it, does the amount of milk need to be increased at this time?rnrnThanks!

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Hello poppy,

Diarrhea is a digestive disorder condition characterized by changes in the frequency of bowel movements to become more frequent and also changes in the consistency of the stool to become more watery. Some of the literature itself defines diarrhea as a change in stool consistency accompanied by an increase in the frequency of defecation more than 3 times in 1 day. So if your child defecates more than 3 times a day it can be said to have diarrhea. Diarrhea itself can last for a few days.

The cause of diarrhea in infants itself can be caused by several causes such as:

Changes in eating patterns, such as starting to give complementary foods to breast milk, therefore the stages of giving complementary foods to breast milk need to be considered for the type and texture according to the age of your baby. Start from very delicate foods such as mashed fruit or filter porridge and avoid giving several menus at the same time to assess the presence or absence of food ingredients that can cause baby allergies.
Viral infection is the most common cause of diarrhea in infants, namely rotavirus
Bacterial or parasitic infection
Food poisoning
Food allergies or formula milk

For handling diarrhea in infants, several efforts can be made, such as by doing rehydration by giving the baby more fluids by giving breast milk or replacement fluids such as ORS to prevent dehydration, trying to keep eating utensils or milk bottles clean, washing children's hands more often because children are starting to be active and often put your hands in your mouth, keep the floor or objects your baby handles clean. Check with the doctor if the diarrhea does not improve or becomes more frequent. The doctor will provide additional treatment such as zinc or antibiotics if needed.

If there are signs of dehydration such as the child becomes lethargic, does not want to breastfeed, sunken eyes and no tears when crying, skin becomes more frequent, dry diapers due to urinating less, it is necessary to immediately take the child to the nearest health facility for treatment.

In children or infants themselves, they have not been able to expel phlegm as in adults, so if they are coughing, their way to expel phlegm themselves is to vomit it or through feces so that in the stool it can appear like mucus. but mucus in the stool can also be a sign of a bacterial or parasitic infection.

May be useful,

dr. Adi P.

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