Possible Exposure To COVID-19 When You Experience Symptoms Of Fever, Chills And Cough

Illustration of Possible Exposure To COVID-19 When You Experience Symptoms Of Fever, Chills And Cough
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Hello? I am a 19 year old woman. So from yesterday I was feeling unwell, fever, chills, chills, dizziness, sore throat, sore eyes, heartburn, coughing, and sneezing (sometimes). Is there a possibility that I will get COVID19, which is currently outbreaking in the world? Previously I had no history of traveling abroad and no contact with someone from abroad. Previously, I did eat spicy food and ice (cold) and also lack of sleep (only slept 5 hours). Do I just have a cold? May I ask for recommendations of suitable drugs to get back healthy? Thanks.

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Hello Elsa

I understand Elsa's anxiety over the outbreak of COVID19, however complaints such as not feeling well, fever, emgnity, fever, dizziness, pain, throat, sore eyes, stomach ache, coughing, and sometimes sneezing can be caused by many factors, such as for example allergies, respiratory tract irritation or respiratory tract infections but not the cause COVID19, such as the cause of cough-flu is generally caused by rotavirus.

Common symptoms of COVID19 are fever, coughing and shortness of breath, although other symptoms may be present. But that does not mean that someone with these symptoms will definitely get COVID19, COVID19 itself is an infectious disease so that there is a history of contact with someone who has traveled to China or a country that has been positively affected by COVID has a great chance. Whereas if you believe that in the past 2 weeks there is no history of contact with people with COVID19 conditions then it is less likely to be affected.

COVID19 is transmitted by inhalation of saliva splashes or sneezing or coughing from sufferers of COVID19, besides holding the mouth or nose that has been contaminated with spark can also be a medium of transmission.

Immediately check yourself at the nearest hospital if there is a history of contact with someone who has recently traveled to China or another country that has experienced an outbreak of COVID19, If you are still in doubt even though there is no contact history you are advised to consult a doctor to make sure and get the right treatment even if it's not COVID19

Because it is not yet known exactly what causes Elsa's symptoms, it is also difficult for doctors to consider what medication is appropriate to give, moreover it is not known for a history of drug allergy or drug mismatch to minimize the unexpected effects if carelessly giving drugs without the right indication, especially if the drugs are classified as hard drugs, such as antibiotics

As a first handler Elsa can do the following tips and suggestions

 Eating a balanced nutritious diet Drink plenty of water Rest and adequate sleep If complaints of fever and colds are very disturbing, Elsa can try to consume a class of over-the-counter medicines or limited over-the-counter medicines sold at minimarkets or pharmacies, you should avoid taking antibiotics without any clinical consideration from doctor. Use breathing masks when traveling to public and crowded places. Then some articles about COVID19 that Elsa can also see:

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