Possible Infection Of Corona Virus When Sore In The Throat

Illustration of Possible Infection Of Corona Virus When Sore In The Throat
Illustration: Possible Infection Of Corona Virus When Sore In The Throat

My doc felt my throat ache and it was like inflammation and my right eye was sore and sore Doc I was afraid that the characteristics of covid 19 doc because I had just traveled between provinces

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Hello Tia,

Covid-19 (corona virus disease) is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. This virus is transmitted through droplets coughing, sneezing, talking to patients who are inhaled or when they touch objects that are contaminated with viruses from the droplet then you touch the mucosa of the nose, mouth and eyes.

Symptoms of Covid-19 generally appear within 14 days after infection. Symptoms commonly found are:

 Fever> 38 degrees celcius Continuous cough Sore throat Excessive tiredness Joint-bone pain Relieving phlegm Shortness of breath Headache Diarrhea If you have a fever OR one of the respiratory symptoms in the last 14 days there is a history of traveling to an area with local transmission (eg Jakarta, Banten , Bali, etc. that you can see on the map of the spread of Covid-19) OR have contact with sufferers of Covid-19 / patients suspected of Covid-19 AND the symptoms that you experience cannot be diagnosed with other diseases (flu, bronchitis, etc.) , then you can call the 119 ext 9 or 112 hotline or other Covid-19 hotline to get the inspection flow instructions.

Covid-19 has the same symptoms as other respiratory diseases, so an additional examination is needed namely RT-PCR samples of respiratory tract swabs to confirm you are positive or negative Covid-19.

In people with good immunity, Covid-19 like other viral diseases, can heal by itself (self limiting disease). Patients with mild symptoms and do not require medical supervision are encouraged to carry out independent quarantine in the home and keep a distance from other members at home (physical distancing at least 1-2 meters). It is intended that you do not infect other people, especially high risk groups, namely the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, patients with immune disorders due to a treatment or other disease. In these high-risk people, Covid-19 can cause severe manifestations such as severe pneumonia, respiratory distress, systemic infections, organ failure, to death.

If you experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, high fever> 3 days, coughing up blood please visit the nearest health facility. For eye symptoms, emergencies such as red eyes and severe pain, sudden decrease in vision, foreign bodies on the surface of the eye, trauma to the eyeball require that you immediately go to the nearest hospital. Consider the following points when going out, especially if going to a health facility:

 Use a mask Do not use crowded public vehicles Avoid crowds, physical distancing Practice the correct ethics of coughing Diligently washing hands with running water + soap Do not touch the face area with hands that have not been washed Immediately replace and wash clothes worn from the outside upon arrival at home, take a shower Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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