Possible Infection With Corona Virus When Joint Pain, Colds And Diarrhea

Hello, my doctor, Fira, today I feel all of my joints hurt, especially in the arms and hands, it’s been two days since I have a cold, yesterday I also had mild diarrhea, my feet were cold, but I didn’t cough, I didn’t hurt throat, and fever. Do my symptoms include covid-19 symptoms? counted 5 days ago, I went out to look for food, after that I isolated myself at the boarding house. Thank you before

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Hello Firda,

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COVID 19 is a condition of respiratory tract infection caused by the corona virus. Corona virus can be penetrated through droplets or saliva and can enter the body through the mouth, nose or eyes. Corona virus will survive Selma 1 month at 4 degrees room temperature and will last 1 day at room temperature 30 degrees.

The symptoms that appear on COVID19 can be mild, moderate, or severe. Among dry cough, sore throat, fever above 37.5 and shortness of breath. Severe symptoms usually affect people who have a low immune system, such as people with HIV, diabetes and hypertension. In addition patients aged over 50 years can be affected by symptoms of COVID from moderate to severe.

Based on your complaint, this does not lead to corona virus infection. Although covid 19 also has symptoms of diarrhea, but it is a unity, so it is not just a symptom of diarrhea. It is possible that diarrhea you experience due to irritation of the digestive tract due to poor diet.

But to determine whether a person has corona virus or not needed a supporting examination. Therefore, the corona virus prevention procedure.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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