Possible Injection Of 1 Month Of Birth During Menstruation?

Good evening, I am 30 years old I want to ask … I pms every month irregular schedule PMS, later finished PMS just do injection 1 month, I want to ask I ask PMS this month and not really clean but I have already done injection 1 month KB … will you get pregnant if you have a husband and wife, even if you don’t do the injection again? Because it’s injected when the PMS hasn’t finished yet …?

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First of all, I want to set the terms that you are using first. PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome. PMS is a collection of symptoms (physical or emotional symptoms) that can appear before menstruation and will disappear when menstruation is complete. You can use your term irregular menstruation compared to your irregular PMS because PMS does not always appear / occur in every woman's menstrual cycle.

The second thing you need to explain further is whether you just want to do the 1-month KB injection or have you ever had a 1-month KB injection and you want to continue the KB injection?

If you are just about to have a family planning injection, it is recommended that the first injection be done in the first 3 days of your period. If you do in the early days of your menstruation, family planning injections will immediately work effectively to prevent pregnancy. If you want to have a family planning injection outside of your menstrual period, you should have a pregnancy check-up first to make sure you are not pregnant before you have the KB injection. You should also use other non hormonal birth control (such as using a condom) during sexual intercourse in the first 7 days after the injection.

If at this time you want to continue your previous KB injection, then you are actually advised to repeat the injection on the date that was determined by your midwife or doctor (4 weeks after the previous KB injection). You do not need to follow your menstrual cycle to repeat this KB injection (you are menstruating, not menstruating, or your menstruation is not complete), you still have to do the injection on the given date. As long as you get the KB injection according to the schedule given, you will avoid pregnancy. If you do not have family planning injections according to schedule, are late for injections by more than 1 week, and you have unprotected sexual intercourse during your late injection period, there is a risk of pregnancy.

It is recommended that you discuss again the correct method of family planning injection with your midwife or doctor. If indeed monthly KB injections make it difficult for you (you have difficulty following the given injection schedule), you can choose other types of contraception that are more long-lasting such as implants or IUDs.

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