Possible Pregnancy Or Not?

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Hello, want to ask. nUsually my period is 10 days. And this month my menstruation feels very itchy in the area eg V. nAnd it has passed 2 days since the spots only came out. n nCan you say that spots are signs of pregnancy? nThank you. ^^

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Pregnancy occurs when a sperm cell meets a mature egg in the uterus. What you should know is that the period or menstrual cycle can change every month. This is a natural thing to happen, a normal menstrual cycle ranges from 21-35 days.

So from your situation, if you are 2 days late from the date your period should be then it is not necessarily a pregnancy. Likewise with itching in the vaginal area, this is not a specific sign of pregnancy. Some signs that may occur early in pregnancy include:

nausea vomiting, cramps in the stomach, brown spots, mood changes, so if your menstrual cycle has exceeded 35 days, then you can do a test pack check to determine whether pregnancy is occurring or not. if negative then you can repeat the examination a few days later. You can also see a gynecologist directly.

the following articles that you can read about early signs of pregnancy

may be useful. thank you

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