Possible Rabies After Being Bitten By A Puppy?

If it’s only been bitten by a puppy, it’s still 2 months, but does it have a scratch, has it been affected by rabies?

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Rabies is a disease caused by a rabies virus infection that is transmitted through saliva from bites or scratches from animals infected with the virus. Dogs are the main transmitting animal of this virus. Transmission can occur from animal to animal or animal to human. The most common cause of transmission to humans is unvaccinated dog bites.

Rabies is a disease that needs to be watched out because it can attack the nervous system. Symptoms of this disease do not appear immediately after being bitten by an animal carrying the rabies virus. The incubation period (the time lag between the bite and the onset of symptoms) is around 4-12 weeks, with a 2-10 day flu-like symptom beginning. Further symptoms include muscle cramps, anxiety, confusion, sleep disturbance, hallucinations, excessive saliva production, to shortness of breath. Complications that occur can be in the form of paralysis, and even death.

Dog bites, both small dogs and large dogs, have the risk of becoming a means of transmission of the rabies virus. Although only abrasions, patients who are bitten by dogs are advised to consult a doctor immediately because even dog scratches can transmit the rabies virus. Dotker will probably give the vaccine, along with additional doses on days 3, -7, -14, and -28. In addition, doctors may also add a tetanus vaccine if the patient has not been given a tetanus vaccination in the past 10 years.

As a recommendation, patients at home are encouraged to vaccinate pets, especially dogs; reporting wild animals to an authorized institution to monitor wild animals; and avoid direct contact with wild animals.

To enrich insights, you can read articles about rabies. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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