Post-accident Spinal Pain?

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at morning,.rnDoc, my brother is 24 years old. He had fallen while playing futsal about 3 years ago. About 2 years ago, my brother didn’t really complain about the ongoing pain from the fall. But this year he complained of pain from the waist to the thighs. He has consulted a neurologist, X-rays at the hospital, to drink milk, and do swimming therapy but the results have not been so significant. However, judging from the X-ray results, the doctor said that there was a curvature of the spine. He told me maybe he had a pinched nerve, but I’m not sure.rnrnHe now works and his job every day is always in front of the computer screen, often he sits too long and complains of pain in the same area. Sometimes when he prays he finds it difficult to bend his legs so that it is difficult for him to walk. What is your actual illness and what is the solution to overcome it? Thank you

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Regarding complaints of low back pain that radiates to the thigh in your brother, there are several possibilities that occur including:

Back pain or medically known as "back pain". This condition occurs due to compression of the spinal cord. This pinched nerve can be caused by trauma/injury or as a result of excessive loading, such as lifting heavy weights, especially lifting weights in an incorrect position. This pain can also occur due to spontaneous movement during exercise. This condition is more common in people who are overweight and the pain usually radiates to the legs.
Muscle pain or in medical language is called "myalgia", this pain arises due to an incorrect posture (often bending over), or excessive muscle movement that causes muscle sprains (strains) or muscle tensions (strains).
Due to the protrusion of the spinal cord, in medical language it is called a "hernia nucleus pulposus" (HNP), the protrusion of this bearing is usually caused by the trauma of falling sitting or lifting heavy loads that are excessive. This protrusion will press the spinal cord so that it will cause pain. Pain due to HNP can be exacerbated when you bend over and this pain can also radiate to the legs.
A fracture of the spine that causes a shift in the segment of the bone in medical language is called "spondylolisthesis". This condition occurs due to trauma such as a fall sitting or an accident that hits the spine. Pain in this condition is generally continuous and does not improve with rest.

Because of the many possibilities that can occur in the complaints you are experiencing, it is highly recommended to consult and further check by a doctor. In addition to a neurologist, you can suggest that you consult an orthopedic specialist.

For now, things you can do to reduce complaints are:

Rest and limit physical activity, especially those related to the spine such as carrying heavy objects. If the complaint arises as a result of muscle fatigue, it will generally improve within a few days.
Compress with a warm cloth on the back pain.
You can use balsam or patch to treat back pain
Do a light stretch right after waking up like a yoga movement
To reduce pain you can take paracetamol 3x500mg in one day. If there is no change, immediately consult a doctor

I hope the answer I gave can help you.

Dr. Arief Tri Wibowo

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