Post Appendectomy?

Illustration of Post Appendectomy?
Illustration: Post Appendectomy?

Good evening, I am emma I want to ask last Friday I had an appendectomy and was treated 3 days after 5 days after surgery my stomach was a bit big and I felt different whether it was the effect of the operation or not … Thank you in advance ….

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After the appendectomy takes time to recover. After performing an appendectomy, there will usually be pain around the operation site, nausea, flatulence, dizziness, and sometimes accompanied by weakness.

From the circumstances that you experience, after 5 days you experience bloating, it may still be a normal thing. The most important thing is that you can still pass gas and can defecate (indicating good digestive function). The bloating usually disappears within a few days.

But besides that, the bloating you experience can also be caused by the medicinal drugs you are taking. Postoperative medications such as painkillers can cause side effects such as bloating.

Therefore, if your complaints of bloating are getting worse or don't go away, then you should check with your surgeon again, so the doctor can check your condition again.

The following is an article that you can read about Post-appendectomy

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