Post-Brain Tumor Surgery?

Illustration of Post-Brain Tumor Surgery?
Illustration: Post-Brain Tumor Surgery?

Hello, I want to ask. N n n My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor about a month ago and had surgery two weeks ago. N nAt first, my father was often dizzy until some eventually felt like vertigo until eventually part of his body was paralyzed (right side). One month before the operation, my father was able to walk again even though it was a little sluggish and his right hand was able to move even though he was still a bit stiff. N nAfter the operation, my father did not enter the ICU because he quickly regained consciousness and entered the normal room so that a week after the operation he was allowed to go home because The development is quite good. n n nAfter the operation until I came home My father had an abnormal sleep cycle (difficulty sleeping at night) and a few days before the first postoperative control My father could not eat because of nausea and vomiting could not take post-medication surgery. n nThe next day my father entered the igd and his condition stabilized after 2 days of treatment, but what I wanted to ask after I read the pathology results that read “Glioblastoma Multiforme ” WHO grade IV “astrocytoma ” can my father completely recovered after the operation of this malignant tumor? Because I read in several articles that tumors of this grade cannot be cured. N nThat’s all the stories and my questions, Thank you.

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Hi Wizar,

Astrocytoma is one of the most common types of primary brain tumors (tumors originating in brain tissue). Astrocytoma develops from star-shaped cells found in the brain called astrocytes, and can develop in the brain and spinal cord. In adults, astrocytoma often occurs in the cerebrum (cerebrum).

The symptoms of this astrocytoma depend on the size and location. If it is very small it may not be symptomatic. Symptoms that may arise are headaches, disturbances in thinking, movement disorders / paralysis, vision problems, seizures, and so on.

Astrocytoma is divided into 4 stages. The most severe stage is stage 4. Stage 4 astrocytoma is also called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). The cause of glioblastoma is not fully known. Meanwhile, nothing can prevent glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is cancerous and aggressive. The best therapy is to perform the surgery as soon as it is found. The operation is then followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, glioblastoma is often resistant to therapy and easily grows back. Currently, there is no effective therapy that can cure the patient completely, and research is still ongoing to find out the best therapy for glioblastoma. Currently what can be done is to try to follow the treatment procedures recommended by your father's neurosurgeon. In addition, praying, positive thinking, resting family support can help your father. If there are complaints, do not hesitate to consult your father's doctor.

Keep the spirit Okay,

dr. Mega

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