Post Caesarean Section Pregnancy Program.?

Illustration of Post Caesarean Section Pregnancy Program.?
Illustration: Post Caesarean Section Pregnancy Program.?

Assalamua’alaikum ,, Doctor I want to ask, I was pregnant with my second child, then right when I was 2 months old, I was forced to have a cesarean section because of ectopic pregnancy. Now, 7 months after surgery, do I think I can still get pregnant again

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Normally, after conception, the fetus will implant itself in the uterine wall. In women with ectopic pregnancy, the fetus implants itself outside the uterus, often in the fallopian tube. This condition can cause sufferers to experience severe pain, especially in the lower abdomen (right or left), which is accompanied by abnormal vaginal bleeding and many other complaints. If not handled properly, this ectopic pregnancy may experience rupture (rupture), causing inflammation in the pelvic cavity and stomach which can be life threatening. Therefore, if conservative treatment fails to expel an ectopic growing fetus, doctors often perform surgery (surgery).

Postoperatively, doctors will often advise mothers not to get pregnant again immediately. The goal is, so that the condition of the reproductive organs really recovered so that they are ready to return to containing a new fetus. The duration of pregnancy can vary, it can be short (about 3 months), it can also be slower (about 2 years), depending on the condition of each mother.

You need to know, women who have a history of ectopic pregnancy will be far more at risk of having an ectopic pregnancy again in the next pregnancy. Therefore, you should consult directly with an obstetrician to be directed as to what steps should be taken in an effort to prepare for your next pregnancy. Not only the time, the risk factors that cause you to experience previous ectopic pregnancy must be addressed, so that it does not return again. The risk factors referred to here are inflammation of the reproductive organs (including due to sexually transmitted infections), the use of certain contraceptives (for example an IUD), and smoking habits. With proper treatment, the risk of recurrent ectopic pregnancy and other pregnancy complications can be prevented and treated properly.

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