Post-circumcision Thread Removed After The Circumcision Wound Dried?

Illustration of Post-circumcision Thread Removed After The Circumcision Wound Dried?
Illustration: Post-circumcision Thread Removed After The Circumcision Wound Dried?

At the age of 9 I was circumcised but all threads fell off and I am now 14 years old. Can I do re-sewing or circumcision?

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Need to be clarified, what is exactly the condition of your penis at this time? How many days after the circumcision is released? Are there any complaints that you feel now?

Although it is not impossible, the removal of all the threads in the penis post circumcision (circumcision) is actually very rare. If you experience this condition, maybe the trigger is:

Inadequate circumcision procedure
Excessive irritation in circumcision marks, for example if you move too much, using tight pants, scratching or excessive banging
Secondary infection in the former circumcision
Connective tissue disorders
Bleeding disorders, and so on

Apart from post circumcision thread, if it occurs after the circumcision wound heals and dries completely, it is often not a dangerous condition. However, if it occurs when the circumcision wound has not healed, then the release of this thread can make healing last longer, and you are prone to bleeding as well as secondary infections in the circumcision wound. Not only that, if the loose stitches are left, often the penis that is circumcised will not heal with a neat shape, even prone to form scar tissue that can make the penis contract, tilt to one side, and the impact can interfere with the process of sexual intercourse and planning pregnancy later.
You should immediately check the condition of your former circumcision to the doctor or surgeon so that the condition is evaluated, and then treated properly. Depending on the condition of your penis at this time, the doctor's treatment can vary, can be sufficiently observed, given medication, or can also be re-suturing.

At this time, there is no specific advice you need to do other than keeping your penis area clean and dry. Avoid the habit of using tight pants so that the penis is not irritated. Finally, only your child's circumcision in a competent medical personnel, for example a doctor or surgeon.

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