Post-curettage Corset Use?

Illustration of Post-curettage Corset Use?
Illustration: Post-curettage Corset Use?

Hello, my name is istiqomah age 24. I want to ask, on October 9, 2018, I underwent a curette because I miscarried my fetus at the age of 4 weeks. But the blood still came out after more than 2 weeks. I checked with the gynecologist, he said the blood was clean in the uterus but the blood still came out. Is the reason why I used a belly band a week after the curette? My stomach ached and I was bleeding a lot of menstrual bleeding. I hope for your best answers. Thank you

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Hello Istiqomah,

Curettage is the act of dilating the cervix (cervix) and then removing the tissue in the uterus. Curettage is usually done for cases of abortion, remaining placenta, or in conditions of abnormal menstrual bleeding. Complications that can occur as a result of this action include:

Tear of the uterus
Tear of the cervix
Scar tissue forms on the uterine wall

Minimal bleeding or spotting 1-2 days after curettage is normal. Bleeding can come out more in the following days but will gradually reduce until a maximum of 2 weeks. Another complaint that usually accompanies is mild to moderate stomach cramps. Usually sexual intercourse is avoided until about 1 week after the procedure. Patients are advised not to do vaginal douches or do strenuous activities in the early weeks after the curettage procedure. The next menstruation can return as early as 4-6 weeks after the procedure (often too late).

The use of a corset does not cause bleeding. The use of a corset relieves complaints of stomach cramps in some women.

What to watch out for is a condition where the bleeding is so much that you have to change sanitary napkins every hour, fever appears, persistent abdominal pain, smelly discharge from the vagina, body weakness and looks pale, if you experience this you should immediately consult an obstetrician. This abnormal bleeding can be caused by abnormal uterine contractions, tissue residue, tears in the uterus or cervix, infections, blood clotting disorders, and so on.

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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