Post Delivery Of Torn Stitches?

Night. I gave birth after about 2 months. My delivery is normal. Initially the stitches were good. But recently I checked why it’s a bit torn. Is that okay ??

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Need to be clear, do you feel pain, swelling, or recurring bleeding from your former stitches?

Scarring in the perineum after childbirth will normally heal in less than 1 to 4 weeks after delivery. The fast or slow healing time is influenced by many factors, including the size and depth of the initial wound, the process of suturing, post-suturing care, nutritional status and mobility of the mother, and general maternal health conditions. Post-delivery, several conditions can inhibit the healing of stitches in the perineum, for example bleeding disorders, secondary infections, excessive mobility, malnutrition, and so on. Usually, these conditions will not only cause the stitches to stick together, but also cause you to experience other symptoms of inflammation, such as pain, swelling, or recurrent bleeding from the stitches.

If you don't experience other complaints as mentioned above, you don't really need to worry. This indicates that your wound is actually healed, it's just not as perfect as before (when you were not giving birth). There are no specific steps you need to take in this condition, other than maintaining a better cleanliness of your sex organs, and only engaging in safe, responsible sexual activities.

However, if you find other signs of inflammation as we mentioned above, you should go to your complaint to see a doctor or obstetrician so that you are given the best treatment. Limit first excessive sexual relations in this condition, so as not to cause tears more severe.

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