Post-fallopian Tube Bleeding?

Illustration of Post-fallopian Tube Bleeding?
Illustration: Post-fallopian Tube Bleeding?

Afternoon … I want to ask I just finished removal of the right tube .. 2 days after the operation I was bleeding like menstruation .. is that reasonable ,?

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Hello Mrs. Indri Kenziggy, thank you for consulting us on

Surgical removal of the right tube does not rule out the possibility of no menstruation, because the left tube does not do anything, so it is still patent and it is very possible to ovulate and decay the uterine wall. Therefore it is very natural that after two days after surgery menstrual blood comes out as usual, because of the possibility of ovulation in the ovary / ovary on the left and through the left fallopian which is still patent.

However, it will be clearer that you should consult with an obstetrician who is operating on you. Because of course he is more understanding of the condition of your body than us, because we do not carry out checks on you directly. Basically cutting the tube / removal of the tube will not affect your menstrual cycle, even after removal of the uterus (if it still leaves a small portion of the endometrium around the cervix) of a woman and can still experience menstruation. So that what really affects menstruation is the removal of the ovaries that are not accompanied by hormone replacement, then this will disrupt the menstrual cycle. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can be useful for you. thanks.

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