Post Hernia Surgery?

Illustration of Post Hernia Surgery?
Illustration: Post Hernia Surgery?

Dokk, I have a question. My parents 1 month ago underwent hernia surgery, at the bottom of the perutt. But yesterday yesterday there was a lump in the same place and it was quite hard. Accompanied by excruciating pain, and fever, dock … please explain, doc, thanks …

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Hi Buana,

Thank you for asking

A hernia is another term for an organ sticking out through a weak opening. A hernia that appears in the lower abdomen that you mean is probably an inguinal hernia. This condition occurs when a portion of the intestine sticks out through the weakened abdominal wall. Symptoms can include the appearance of a soft lump in the lower abdomen that is intermittent. This lump can get bigger when there is increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, for example when you push, cough or sneeze, experience diarrhea, obesity, or when lifting and pushing heavy objects. The definitis treatment of this condition is done by means of surgery, namely by patching the weak side of the abdominal wall with a special net (hernioraphy).

Post-surgery, normally external wounds will heal within 1 to 2 weeks. Minor pains that appear after surgery are generally a natural part of the healing process. This pain can also occur due to the poor elasticity of the scar tissue that replaces the wound on the skin, causing pain, especially during movement.

The appearance of a lump at the site of the hernia surgery that your parents experienced may be caused by:

Infection of the surgical scar
Hypertrophic scar or keloid (excessive scar tissue formation)
Recurrent hernia
Benign or malignant tumors, and so on

This condition needs to be checked by a doctor immediately, especially if it causes fever and extreme pain. If you feel that this condition is related to the history of surgery that your parents underwent before, then the doctor can refer your parents to the surgeon who treated them before in order to get the best treatment.

At this time, tell your parents to:

Do not press or pull excessively on the raised lump
Take paracetamol to reduce pain and fever
Get plenty of rest, if necessary, bed rest
Keep the area clean
Wear comfortable clothes
Do not give any medicine to the surgery scar unless it is directly prescribed by a doctor

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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