Post-impact Headache Treatment?

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Hello, I am dea virgin, I am 22 years old. I was in an accident when I fell off my motorbike which caused me to hit my head and break my right arm. A few hours after the accident I experienced nausea and vomiting. There was a tender lump on my head which caused my hair to fall out. It happened 1 year ago. But after that incident I often get headaches when I sleep on a hard place, the pillow is not soft, gets exposed to the sun, gets rained on, activities that come into contact with the head or excessive activities. The pain that is felt is sometimes very heavy dizziness, pain in the head, sometimes like tingling in the head. Appetite sometimes increases, sometimes decreases, mood is easy to be sad, easy to cheer up, sleeps a lot and gets sleepy easily. Guess why? Thank you in advance:)

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Hello, Dea dara ultimate, thanks for asking

Headaches can be caused by causes that are in the head or outside the head, and causes from head injuries, infections, tumors / lumps in the head, inflammation, the influence of certain drugs or substances, to other causes such as psychological. The following are possible causes of headaches that you may experience:

1. Migraine, or one-sided headache, feels throbbing, may be accompanied by an aura (sensation) such as seeing streaks of light, ringing in the ears, tingling, etc.

2.    TTH (tension type headache) or tension headache

3.    A history of head injury which can result in a hematoma (collection of blood/bruising) on ​​the external head or in the brain

To find out the exact cause, it is necessary to consult and direct examination by a doctor. The doctor will ask further questions about the headache you feel and examine some more specific things such as innervation and if necessary, additional examinations, such as a head photo, complete blood test, and CT-Scan. Some of these things become alarm signs (signs to watch out for) in headaches: there is a history of colliding, fever, seizures, decreased consciousness, headache getting worse, headache feels very heavy (it is the worst headache in life), vomiting- vomiting, decreased vision, weakness in half of body/face, unintentional weight loss. If you experience any of these alarm signs, consult your doctor immediately.

What can be done to relieve symptoms are:

a. Take paracetamol

b. Get enough rest and sleep

c. Avoid smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs

d. Sleep with a higher pillow

e. Exercise regularly

f. Control your stress

That's it, I hope it's useful.

Regards, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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