Post-impact Trauma

Illustration of Post-impact Trauma
Illustration: Post-impact Trauma

Tonight, I have a friend, 25 years old. Around January, he experienced a hard enough collision until he fainted. In February he had a complaint and was examined by a doctor, info from the doctor he was traumatized after the collision. Today he had a bleeding nose and cough, is that a very serious thing? And how is the main handling at home? Thank you

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Trauma / head injury can cause various symptoms. The mechanism of the injury is certainly closely related to the severity of the symptoms that occur. Head injuries can be mild to severe head injuries such as head injuries, bruises, skull fractures, and concussions. Symptoms that arise can also occur directly or several days to several weeks into the future. Some symptoms of head injury include:

Lost consciousness for a few moments
Nausea and vomiting
Changes in behavior
Memory loss
Fluid from the nose or ears and so on

With complaints in the form of nosebleeds and bloody coughs, certainly not something that can be underestimated. Whether the complaint is a result of a previous head injury or other causes (such as tuberculosis, hypertension, malignancies, etc.), a complete examination must be carried out starting from the physical examination to the necessary additional tests such as head CT, MRI, and others.

For that, what can be done at home now is:

much rest
Avoid work that is too heavy
Eat healthy and nutritious foods to speed recovery
Pressing the nostrils if there is a nosebleed and don't bend your head up
Clean the nose after the blood stops
Use a mask during coughing
Do not throw sputum mixed with blood carelessly

If the complaint continues, go to the doctor for further treatment. Use a mask when traveling and avoid using public transportation at this time. Wash your hands regularly and keep a distance from those around you.

To enrich information, you can read this article.

So, hopefully useful.

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