Post-injury Injuries Still Ache For 1 Week?

Illustration of Post-injury Injuries Still Ache For 1 Week?
Illustration: Post-injury Injuries Still Ache For 1 Week?

I just fell from the motorbike a week ago, the wound was just a scratch in the ankle area, it was quite a bit wide above the size of a coin of 500’s just when a white wound occurred, and even then immediately brought it to the hospital in the wash and was given antiseptic gauze. r But I still ache this week, maybe for the pain I can hold it but the pain is really painful especially if I wake up and continue to use the road. r nWell, does my wound get scratched to the bone, because the inside of the ankle area is protruding and the bones are protruding and the bones thin skin, ask for an explanation?

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Hi Aris,

Thank you for asking

Determining the severity of the wound, the extent to which the injury causes damage to your leg tissue, needs to be done directly inspection. In some cases, this examination also needs to be confirmed by radiological examination, for example x-rays. So, it is not enough just based on a brief description like this he ..

Leucorrhoea wounds may indicate superficial wounds, but they can also be deep enough to reach bones and ligaments. Likewise, pain and pain in the wound. Usually, a deep and extensive wound will require a long healing time because the injured tissue is even bigger. Not only that, deep and extensive wounds are also more susceptible to infection if not treated properly.

The question now, is the pain that you feel is very intense and unbearable? Do you experience other complaints, such as fever, being unable to move your feet, numbness, tingling in your feet, bruising, watery sores, festering, continuous bleeding, and so on?

If your pain is mild, without any warning signs as above, this condition is often harmless. Moreover, if you have previously undergone a doctor's examination at the hospital and were declared not to have serious injuries.

However, if the pain that arises is very severe, or accompanied by other complaints as mentioned above, we urge you to go back to the doctor or surgeon for a more in-depth examination. Concerned, your wound condition is quite severe or has a secondary infection. , so it needs to be treated further, such as by administering drugs, wound care, debridement, and so on.

At this time, you can first do the steps below:

Take paracetamol so that the pain doesn't decrease Don't massage, massage, or put anything on the wound without doctor's advice Don't hold the wound with hands or any dirty tool Clean the wound morning and evening using clean gauze moistened with NaCl Use comfortable pants and footwear, clean, and also not strict Don't smoke Don't do excessive activity Hopefully it helps yes ..

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