Post-Miscarriage Bleeding Without Curette?

Illustration of Post-Miscarriage Bleeding Without Curette?
Illustration: Post-Miscarriage Bleeding Without Curette?

Good night, yesterday afternoon I miscarried at 6 weeks and without a curette. I was given a doctor’s medication in the form of misoprostol, levofloxacin, and Bledstop. But today I no longer feel pain and my bleeding is getting draining, before yesterday I felt pain in my pelvis and lower abdomen which was extremely painful and before long I saw a lot of tissue that I thought was part of my fetus. r nIs it normal if on this 2nd day I already feel no pain? r nAnd the bleeding is getting draining, please answer … r n r nThank you very much ..

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Hi Kimrose,

Thank you for asking

Miscarriage (abortion) can take place spontaneously until the tissue in the uterus is completely clean, but it can also need further medical treatment to remove the remaining tissue that is still left behind. Your condition, which is no longer experiencing pelvic and abdominal pain, accompanied by a smaller amount of bleeding, may indeed indicate that the remaining tissue in your womb is clean. This does not always indicate an abnormality. Indeed, post-miscarriage bleeding can last briefly (less than 1 week) or slow (more than 1 week) depending on various factors. Your very young gestational age, along with the fast handling you get from your doctor, might contribute to this.

Actually you don't need to worry about complaints that you experience. Take the medicine as the doctor suggests to you while making the following efforts:

Rest more, reduce excessive activity first
Keep the sex organs clean
Eat and drink healthy and nutritious
Do not have sexual relations if there is still blood from the birth canal
Don't smoke, don't also consume alcohol
Do not carelessly consume other drugs except those doctors prescribe directly

To confirm whether the tissue in your uterus is completely clean or not, you are also advised to re-examine your doctor or obstetrician for an ultrasound examination. That way, the potential for dangerous complications, such as infection, prolonged bleeding, or the formation of scar tissue in the uterus can be minimized. You can also consult with your doctor directly about the best time for you and your partner to return to pregnancy planning after a miscarriage.

Hope this helps ...

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