Post-operative Pain And Heat Relief Kidney Stones Are Removed?

Illustration of Post-operative Pain And Heat Relief Kidney Stones Are Removed?
Illustration: Post-operative Pain And Heat Relief Kidney Stones Are Removed?

I want to ask, my father has done surgery to remove kidney stones. After the surgery my father complained of pain and often heat, is this the impact of the operation or because of the food consumed? And what foods should be avoided and can be consumed after surgery to remove kidney stones? thank you

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Kidney disease is a disease of stone formation in the urinary system, especially in the kidneys. Formation of kidney stone formation can be caused by oxalate stones, calcium stones, or gout. So avoiding foods and drinks containing calcium, uric acid, and or excessive oxalate can help prevent the formation of kidney stones.
Some symptoms of patients with kidney stones can be characterized by complaints of back pain, reddish urine, urinary pain, increased urinary frequency and found grains of sand when urinating can provide urinary tract stones or kidney stones.
To ensure the diagnosis of kidney stones, the patient needs to make a visit to a urology doctor. The doctor will carry out the diagnostic steps by interviewing, physical examination and supporting examinations such as urine testing, blood tests and or radiological examinations. After the kidney stones are established, the doctor can plan the right treatment for the patient, both with medication and surgery.
In connection with your question, if your father just underwent surgery to take kidney stones, then complaints of pain and fever experienced by your father may be a side effect of the operation he underwent. The process of inflammation after surgery requires recovery in the next few weeks. After a period of several weeks has passed, expect complaints that are felt after surgery can soon improve and recover. However, if the complaints of the fever are getting more annoying and the pain is getting more and more annoying, then you should advise your parents to consult directly with the surgeon to confirm your father's clinical condition. Thus, complaints felt can be controlled well by the doctor.
Regarding the type of food consumed, to help recovery and prevent recurrence of kidney stones, several things need to be considered:
1. meet the needs of water, limit colored drinks until otherwise recovered
2. avoid sleeping late at night
3, avoid cigarettes and alcohol
4. avoid foods high in uric acid protein
5. multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit
6. ideal weight
7. regular exercise
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